Monday, January 9, 2012

One Little Word ~ January

It's only been 9 days and I'm loving my OLW choice so far.

I picked the word "Be" so this year,
my One Little Word could have more of an impact on my life throughout the year.  It strikes me as a bit of a funny concept though... I chose the word so I could "just be"... more at ease, with myself, daily pressures.. being more in the present, letting things happen.. but I also want focus on the kind of person I want to BE at this time in my life. So each month, I decided to focus on a particular issue..  being more financially stable, being more fun, being a better wife..  so we'll see how that goes!

This month.. I'm trying to BE MORE PREPARED.
It's simple really.  In January I am trying to be more prepared for daily things than I usually am...
to get things done, to avoid putting unneeded stress on myself and my family when it comes to things like:

making breakfast,
packing lunches,
          having uniforms clean and ready to go,
keeping track of projects, practices, homework and games.

Hopefully this will help.. I switched from a monthly calendar, which I have used since college,
to a daily one. And I'm trying every night to take a look at the day ahead. 

If I can BE more prepared, life will BE a lot smoother for our whole family.

and.. BE sure to check out Monika's post today!


Monika Wright said...

This will make such a huge impact! I was a monthly calendar gal, too, and just switched to week-at-a-time last year. Much more manageable!

Anonymous said...

I am a "Be" too!
Hope to be better about keeping up with OLW this year!
Debbie (not really anonymous)

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