Friday, August 12, 2011

Now that I'm 40....

Sorry I've been "missing in action"... it's been a busy, busy summer.. and although I promised myself I'd give my blog some attention, it just hasn't been possible.

I turned 40 back in May and thought I'd share.. my list... 40 things I'd like to do, now that I'm 40!

1. Take a digital photography class
2. Get a new camera lens (expensive)
3. Go on a family hike
4. Go to a concert - DONE
5. Go on a weekend trip with Brian
6. Exercise regularly again
7. Buy a sewing machine - learn to sew
8. Take lessons and PLAY golf
9. Get back to a real size 8
10. Buy a $100+ pair of jeans when this happens
11. Run a 5K
12. Go to the Beach once a year
13. Eat more fruits and vegetables
14. Organize a girls night dinner
15. Organize scraproom - DONE
16. Keep a gratitude journal
17. Focus on my OLW - calm!
18. Make a Friends album - DONE
19. Finish printer drawer project
20. Save money for a new computer - MAC! 
21. Go to monthly lunch with Mom and Dad
22. Call my sister more
23. Take Boys to Holiday World
24. Take Boys to Kings Island
25. Get more facials from Bella! 
26. Clean/purge storage room - DONE
27. Revamp - simplify blog
28. Play in a tennis league
29. Complete 2011 family album - 1 picture per month - in progress
30. Ride in a hot air balloon
31. Watch a shuttle launch live - NOT GONNA HAPPEN :(
32. Take the boys to Africa
33. Go to Italy
34. Sell the house!
35. Reorganize the laundry room
36. Clean the garage
37. Learn to cook - really.
38. Start (writing) a novel.

39. Buy a Kindle - DONE
40. Rent a winnebago and take a family trip!

It's kind of a to-do/bucket/wish list... and I plan to add or subtract items as I see fit, but it does feel good to have a list :)  While I haven't been frequenting my own blog, I have been keeping up with all my favorite bloggers out there.. and am basically obsessed with pinterest. Hope to see you again soon....


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