Wednesday, March 30, 2011

birhtdays. happy!

I'm about to hit my "birthday" season.. with one this weekend and one in July.

Our parties are always spread out... with one birthday usually falling during spring break and the other on the Fourth of July. This means we usually celebrate with family and then a few weeks later with the boys' friends.

This year Nick turns 7 - we are going bowling...  and I'm actually trying to be creative!

I made each invite by hand -
not sure I'll do that again, since the date had to be changed and I had to do them over!!

And I'm using a few ideas I found online... that I will definitely share.

Here's a scrapbook page I did the other night, which will show you just how far behind I am....

This one turns 9 in July.

So you see I'm a little behind schedule... hopefully I can catch up in the next few weeks.
I've been feeling a little sad about their birthdays though - they are growing up WAY too fast!!


Heather said...

My son turns 12 this year and my daughter is 10 next month. The tears are already burning my is going WAY too fast. I am SO behind in scrapping their birthdays...but then I don't do very well scrapping chronologically. I get bored when I *have* to do something so I tend to scrap whatever moves me at the moment. Birthday "season" in our house runs March - for each month ;) ENJOY!

~Patty~ said...

Those are so cute. Hope your using my table banner. I know everyone loved it at my sons party. TTYS :)

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