Friday, February 11, 2011

project envy girl.

New Year... New Look...
So now I can check one of my 2011 goals off my list: simplify and focus my blog.

I started as "Patchwork Pages" with the idea of focusing on my scrapbooking..  and at the time it seemed to fit. I was inspired by some many women bloggers, that I really just wanted to get involved.

However my immersion into the "blogosphere" has changed my outlook drastically. I started to realize I did not have a lot of time to spend on my posts... because I kept finding so many creative and unique projects to tackle. I became more creative, yet incredibly busy and completely neglected my blog - which I miss.

So I guess in 2010, I actually became a bit more crafty. Which is surprising for me, but a good thing. I found some absolutely wonderful creative women whose blogs have become daily visits for me. They inspire and remind me what life is all about. You'll get to know them really well if you stick around.

I started keeping a tumblr blog, mainly as a way to catalog all of these great ideas I was finding. I called it "Project Envy Girl" which I have now determined is really who I am.

If I had 5 extra hours a day, or could lose this full time job that takes up a large portion of my life, I am convinced I would be "Project Girl" - but alas, that is not my life!

So I am now officially "Project Envy Girl" and I hope you'll stick around to see all the wonderful and inspiring stuff I'm finding everyday and the projects I'm actually finding time to finish! I'm hoping to feature more blogs, more projects and post more!

Thanks for making my blog a part of your day or week or whenever... and I hope you like the new look!