Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas countdown begins...

The Countdown to Christmas is on at our house!

Inspired mostly by the wonderfully creative Beth Proudfoot..  here's what we're doing this year.

The boys have an advent calendar (purchased at Target a few years ago)

Inside each day - is a clue.

The clue leads to a bag. (link to numbers download)

The bag has either a small treat or toy.. and a Christmas message (which they will happily do.)

Here are my Christmas messages:  (i'd provide downloads, but I'm not sure how)

1. Make a Christmas wish list.
Do something special for a friend.
2. Tell a friend at school you think they're really cool. 
Deliver a special treat to your cousins!
Fill a stocking with treats. Drop it at someone's door as a surprise.
Make a card for Hazel and Wilson send it in the mail.
Recycle some toys to share with others.
Read a Christmas book together.
Light a candle and say a prayer for someone you love.
Go see Santa.
Go look at Christmas lights. 
Write a gratitude list of 10 things.
Give Christmas cookies to your teachers.
Donate some books to the library.
Watch family holiday videos.
Write letters to Santa.
Create a military holiday package
Ring the Salvation Army kettle.
Listen to Christmas music.
Watch Polar Express.
Take pictures in front of a Christmas tree!
Make a reindeer candy cane for the tree.
Buy presents for a needy child.
Decorate a gingerbread house.
Do something nice for your brother.

And here are my clues:

Its day number 1.. and this will be fun.
first scratch your head, then look under a bed.
On day number 2, here's a cool clue:
Go to the place where we eat.. and keep things for our feet.
It's day number 3.. and that is just fine..
you'll find me near the door I'm hiding behind.
On day number 4.. I hope your not bored.
Go up the steps and look straight at the door.
Its day number 5... hmmm.. Where did I hide?
Here's a clue - look outside!
It's day number 6, and I'm up to new tricks.
So where am I dude? Somewhere where there's food?
On day number 7, what do you think?
There are towels around me, and I'm under a sink.
It's day number 8 of our Christmas countdown.
Behind a "show watching box" is where I can be found.
On day number 9 I hope you're feeling fine.
I'm somewhere that’s messy, where people should dine.
It's day number 10 - my cute little friends.
Come fine me! In a place you're not supposed to be!
On day number 11... let's think about John Wall.
Your surprise is probably playing basketball.
It's day number 12 and mom is quite clever...
hiding me under the coziest bed ever!
On day 13 ... do you know where I am?
The place where you put apples, milk, and some ham.
It's day 14.. and were counting the days..
so I'm under a place where a person would lay.
On day 15.. see if you can guess?
I'm in a favorite spot... that is over a mess.
On day 16 I'm near a tree.
Which one? the one that has the most of me!
It's day 17 and Mom is nearly out of clues.
so lets look again where we put all our shoes.
On day 18.. I'm getting pretty smart.
And decided to hide in a place called a cart.
It's day 19... isn't it dandy?
You'll find me under a tree that has candy!
Day 20 is here.. just 5 days away.
Your surprise is in a "holiday room" today!
It's day 21.. and we're almost done.
But don't give up! I'm by a cup.
On day 22... here's a strange little clue.
Give mom a hug.. .and when you are done.. you'll see what you've won!
On day 23... your last day to seek..
you will have several places to peek.

We did our first one last night, and the second this morning... and they LOVED it!
It will be interesting to see how well I can keep up with this... and my December Daily!!!
Busy, busy, but happy holidays!!