Wednesday, November 24, 2010

christmas spirit.

I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving... but the Christmas spirit is alive and well at our house!
We have 7 trees up so far...  (pictures to come)
and 3 more to go this weekend!
And against my better judgment, I decided to do my second December Daily...
AND a daily Christmas Countdown for the boys.
So I am excited to take loads of pictures!
Just thought I'd share some of my favorites from last year:

I actually caught the boys coloring, with their hats on by the tree.
It was precious.

cookies & milk for Santa - carrots for the reindeer!

Nick: "Dear Santa, we do not live in a neighborhood.
Please do not forget our house tonight."

Could the kid be any more excited??
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families!
We can't wait to enjoy the holiday season!!


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