Wednesday, September 1, 2010

spooky stuff.

so football season just arrived, and i am already thinking about Halloween.

this is very unlike me.
 i actually do NOT like putting Halloween decorations around because i know the minute they come down, my youngest will start begging me to put up the Christmas stuff.
(which i LOVE by the way)

but for some strange reason this year...  i am a little excited to decorate and give some spooky gifts.
here are a few ideas i like:

and from Lisa via Lil' Luna

and of course, i'm trying to plan ahead when it comes to the boys' costumes!
my 6 year old wants to be a vampire.
the 8 year old - probably will want to be an nfl player for the FOURTH year in a row... but i'm just guessing.
 my absolute favorite was the year they were batman and robin:) 
(age 2 and 4)
i would love to know your favorite halloween memory or idea -
so please share!  

happy haunting!  


Monika Wright said...

Love that BOO poster, ha, ha. Thanks for linking me up.

Let's see, fave Halloween memory is of my husband telling me to step aside so that he could correctly apply the vampire make-up to my then 7 year-old son's face! And this from a new Stepdad of only 4 months! 2nd fave? Last year when the girls dressed as Wonder Woman and Supergirl and how the youngest was so into her Wonder Woman cheer!

CK said...

Haha! I think that is great he loves to be an NFL player. I think this year I am going to try to make a "soldier" dress for my little girl out of an old Cami. My husband is in the Navy and he is currently deployed so I think it will be a tribute to Daddy for both the kids to dress up like soldiers. We live on base right now and the kids LOVE to wave hi to every soldier we see (which is a lot, lol).
I love your blog layout! Purple is my favorite color. And those pictures of your boys are TOOOOO cute!!! It makes me want a couple of boys that age so we can go on hikes and play family sports and what not ;)

-Sitstah, CK

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