Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i love what "anniebakes"!

my granny was a great cook. my mom's a great cook. let's just say... i'm not.
apparently that gene was not passed on.
but occasionally i try to follow a recipe... so i'm constantly clipping and saving links to ones i like.
my latest favorite place to find wonderful food - anniebakes!
you will NOT believe all the wonderful recipes!
here are a few ones that are on my to-make list:

and there are PLENTY of more where these came from... be sure to check her out!


anniebakes said...


Thank you for the wonderful shout out!! It's greatly appreciated, and I'm super excited by the recipes that you are going to be trying. Let me know how you like them or what changes you made! Have a great day,


Monika Wright said...

We love manicotti at our house, too. I used Giada's recipe, but this one looks super yummy, too! BTW-I lOVE to cook.

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