Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the paper mama: action photo challenge

This is my first entry for the paper mama's photo challenge!  

Chelsey writes a great blog and has picture contests all the time... this week's is an "action" photo contest. And here is my entry....  (it was hard to pick just one!) 

So I thought I'd at least share the others... 

and what came after...
and of course... I think my favorite one of the day:

These pictures were the inspiration for one of my favorite blog posts.

Be sure to check out the paper mama... you might even want to participate!


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

These are so great! Fun!

Kristie Maynard said...

Love those pictures. What personality and fun they show! Hope you win!!

Hannah said...

I love the photos of your children. Perhaps you might consider submitting them to my website. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote. $2,000 in prizes. No entry fee.

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