Monday, May 3, 2010

I wish I lived in Utah...

...if only for one weekend.

this past Saturday was the first day I could buy a ticket to "Spark".. and I was completely prepared to, realizing the cost of the event, plus airfare would equal two days away - by myself - for some serious creative inspriration. i was absolutely sure this trip would be one of my favorite moments of 2010 and have been looking forward to it for months.

so i'm sure you are wondering why i haven't said "i'm going!"... what i didn't realize is the hotel was not included, and neither was the car i would have to rent.

needless to say, that puts me WAY over budget, and therefore my dream trip is no longer a reality. maybe next year.

yes i am pretty sad about it, but i am also pretty realistic about finances lately and going would simply not be the responsible thing to do.

if you live in utah though, its just a drive away. and there are tons of creative girls in utah :) so for just one weekend this year...

i wish i lived in utah.


Kristie Maynard said...

:^( Sorry your dream weekend fell through. I hate when things like that happen. Maybe you could stay in your budget and find a weekend place to go and scrap. I know there is one in Romeo, Michigan, north of Detroit and it is wonderful. Lots of room to scrap, amazing food, I'm talkin' gourmet cooking, nice ladies who run it. I loved it when I went there. Check it out at I don't know if you are even near this area, if not, I'm sure there are others. Think about it, take a friend and have fun.

scrapwordsmom said...

I would so love to live in Utah, too {for LOTS of reasons-LOL} and I would LOVE to go to Spark. But alas....not happening this year.

Hope you find somewhere creative to go:)


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