Monday, April 19, 2010

my little book of magic.

i had an idea this weekend.. and here's what happened:

remember my action post? i took some of my favorite pictures ever that day.. and i had printed a bunch of them in 3x3 from - my intention was to put them in a 12x12 layout. but i had a different idea after reading stacyj's comment. i realized those particular words really described the day well.. and decided to make a mini album. i happened to have one that fits 3x3 pictures, so i just slipped them in, and printed out that part of the post in 3 mini-pages. i put the first part in the front cover, then the other two toward the end of the book.
here's how it turned out:

the journaling reads:

(page 1) My 5 and 7 year old boys have endless energy. I'm jealous. But on this day, I was feeling it. Seeping into my bones. Along with their giggles and gasps for air. Just the sound of them getting along was enough to make me think I was somewhere else.

(page 2) It was part photo-session, part football game, part prayer. While snapping numerous pictures of my boys "in action" I can recall several times just thanking god for giving them to me. Sitting in the grass. Watching the action. Feeling completely blessed.

(page 3) Every time I look at these photos I can go right back to that day. It astounds me how simple it was. We were just at home hanging out, not doing anything special.
Why don't we go outside and take some pictures? It was that easy. And that magical.

its not the best mini album i've ever seen - in fact im not real sure how to deal with those kinds of covers, so i just slapped some paper on the front, left the rest blank and inked the edges with a little purple. (if anyone has ideas on what to do with the spine - or how to make the cover look better - let me know :)

but overall - its finished and sitting in my scraproom, so i'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)


chele said...

Good morning! Visiting from SITs. I'm not real crafty but I think your mini-album is beautiful. Have a great day.

carol said...

Very cute. I've taken to doing all my scrapbooking online and having it published. I'm better with computers than crafts so It's kind of a good fit for me.

Jana said...

Wonderful memento of a great day. LOVE your album. For the spine, you could use rub-ons, stamp the date, wrap a piece of ribbon, or leave it. Looks great as is.

lundgren79 said...

This is wonderful! I think you have a delightful mini album that should keep you smiling for many years to come:)

Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE to scrapbook. I will have to check out Stacy Julian...I could definitely use some inspiration...I get into ruts and keep doing the same thing over and over!

Congratulations on your SITS day! Enjoy all of the love!

LisaDay said...

I always wondered how people got various sized pictures. Thank you for the link and happy SITS day.


Mrs. Mootz said...

It turned out really well! I love it :)

Kerri said... it!! Your boys are so precious!

Missy said...

What a wonderful memory for your boys. Sometimes I think we get caught up in only capturing the "big" moments and missing out on the real ones.

Stopping by from SITS.

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