Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my version of project life.

Every year at this time I see all the woman deciding to do Becky Higgins' Project Life - 365 scrapbooking project, either again or for the first time. I read all the blogs, look at all the awesome albums and wish I had the time and energy to put toward this project. I actually bought the Project Life kit at the beginning of last year, and there it still sits... underneath my desk.

But this year... I've found the perfect option for me! I call it "project life for the working mom-wanna be full time scrapbooker" .. and its a free app! Thanks so much to the fabulous Trish Turay at Work in Progress Kits!!

It's called ..  my365! And all I do is take a picture a day with my iphone - how hard can that be???
I love the calendar function..  my plan is, at the end of each month.. to print the pictures. The calendar will help me keep track for journaling purposes.

Love love love this idea!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

One Little Word ~ January

It's only been 9 days and I'm loving my OLW choice so far.

I picked the word "Be" so this year,
my One Little Word could have more of an impact on my life throughout the year.  It strikes me as a bit of a funny concept though... I chose the word so I could "just be"... more at ease, with myself, daily pressures.. being more in the present, letting things happen.. but I also want focus on the kind of person I want to BE at this time in my life. So each month, I decided to focus on a particular issue..  being more financially stable, being more fun, being a better wife..  so we'll see how that goes!

This month.. I'm trying to BE MORE PREPARED.
It's simple really.  In January I am trying to be more prepared for daily things than I usually am...
to get things done, to avoid putting unneeded stress on myself and my family when it comes to things like:

making breakfast,
packing lunches,
          having uniforms clean and ready to go,
keeping track of projects, practices, homework and games.

Hopefully this will help.. I switched from a monthly calendar, which I have used since college,
to a daily one. And I'm trying every night to take a look at the day ahead. 

If I can BE more prepared, life will BE a lot smoother for our whole family.

and.. BE sure to check out Monika's post today!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Little Word 2012.

It's that time of year again.. time for Ali Edwards' One Little Word project...  and I'm going to give it another try.

Last year my OLW was "change"... then I realized it was way too broad.. and what I really needed was some "calm" in my life. So I changed my word. My daily mantra then became "to just calm down" which, to be honest, really didn't go well with my chaotic life, yet sometimes it actually worked.

This year I've decided to pick a simple word that I can re-focus at any time: BE.

In 2012 I'm going to just be. Be present. Be organized. Be thoughtful. Be thankful.  I'm hoping choosing this word will help me take a more focused role in whatever life is dealing me or my family at any given time. I may even choose a different thing to "be" each month... that's the great thing about this project.. it can be anything you need it to.

My 2011 OLW efforts faded a little... due to distractions, forgetfulness, you name it. So this year I'm also adding some accountability by sharing my word with my good friend Monika Wright! She is an awesome scrapbooker, mini album genius and all-around incredibly crafty and creative girl - so I know sharing this year-long project with her will be inspiring for me.. and we are both hoping it really keeps us on track!

So bring on the new year! I'm ready for it to BE 2012!

Friday, September 16, 2011

magic moments.

Hi there...
I'm linking up to Shell at Things I Can't Say with my Magic Moment!

after weeks of bickering and bothering.. a weekend trip where these brother actually ENJOYED each other was such a blessing. I love capturing their happiness.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Now that I'm 40....

Sorry I've been "missing in action"... it's been a busy, busy summer.. and although I promised myself I'd give my blog some attention, it just hasn't been possible.

I turned 40 back in May and thought I'd share.. my list... 40 things I'd like to do, now that I'm 40!

1. Take a digital photography class
2. Get a new camera lens (expensive)
3. Go on a family hike
4. Go to a concert - DONE
5. Go on a weekend trip with Brian
6. Exercise regularly again
7. Buy a sewing machine - learn to sew
8. Take lessons and PLAY golf
9. Get back to a real size 8
10. Buy a $100+ pair of jeans when this happens
11. Run a 5K
12. Go to the Beach once a year
13. Eat more fruits and vegetables
14. Organize a girls night dinner
15. Organize scraproom - DONE
16. Keep a gratitude journal
17. Focus on my OLW - calm!
18. Make a Friends album - DONE
19. Finish printer drawer project
20. Save money for a new computer - MAC! 
21. Go to monthly lunch with Mom and Dad
22. Call my sister more
23. Take Boys to Holiday World
24. Take Boys to Kings Island
25. Get more facials from Bella! 
26. Clean/purge storage room - DONE
27. Revamp - simplify blog
28. Play in a tennis league
29. Complete 2011 family album - 1 picture per month - in progress
30. Ride in a hot air balloon
31. Watch a shuttle launch live - NOT GONNA HAPPEN :(
32. Take the boys to Africa
33. Go to Italy
34. Sell the house!
35. Reorganize the laundry room
36. Clean the garage
37. Learn to cook - really.
38. Start (writing) a novel.

39. Buy a Kindle - DONE
40. Rent a winnebago and take a family trip!

It's kind of a to-do/bucket/wish list... and I plan to add or subtract items as I see fit, but it does feel good to have a list :)  While I haven't been frequenting my own blog, I have been keeping up with all my favorite bloggers out there.. and am basically obsessed with pinterest. Hope to see you again soon....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

camera bag confusion...

So last year I thought I had all this figured out. But I never purchased my fancy-schmancy camera bag.

I actually bought an insulated lunch bag and used it instead :)  I'm thinking its time to start using it for my lunch though - and BUY an actual camera bag.

Of course, now there are more choices.  AND I am moving away from my signature "turquoise" color and thinking maybe pink... yellow... or gray???

So I need some opinions... what do you think of these:

Turquoise Options:

Yellow Jo Tote - color not really me, but would stand out: 
 Gray, love the inside:

 Pink Options:

 I'm kind of liking this option.. but not sure what color..

These are canvas options from Photojojo:

The main factors I need to consider.. are that I'll be lugging this baby around to sporting events.. indoor, outdoor you name it. It needs to be durable, and I need to be able to get up and go!

Opinions please!! I need help making a decision.... the big 4-0 is coming up you know!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

birhtdays. happy!

I'm about to hit my "birthday" season.. with one this weekend and one in July.

Our parties are always spread out... with one birthday usually falling during spring break and the other on the Fourth of July. This means we usually celebrate with family and then a few weeks later with the boys' friends.

This year Nick turns 7 - we are going bowling...  and I'm actually trying to be creative!

I made each invite by hand -
not sure I'll do that again, since the date had to be changed and I had to do them over!!

And I'm using a few ideas I found online... that I will definitely share.

Here's a scrapbook page I did the other night, which will show you just how far behind I am....

This one turns 9 in July.

So you see I'm a little behind schedule... hopefully I can catch up in the next few weeks.
I've been feeling a little sad about their birthdays though - they are growing up WAY too fast!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy happy.

I'm so excited...  these were shipped to me by Kelli at Dwellingonline!!

My plan is to put them here:

Can't wait to see if it works!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iloveitall winners!

Here are the winners of my two i love it all giveaways!

Congratulations and enjoy!

The winner of the mini album is....
# 5
Heather said...

I just love Monika's mini albums...she inspires me to do more of them...and hopefully one day I ACTUALLY will! LOL! I love this little mini album and just documenting one family picture a month is a great idea and would be a fun thing to look back on.
March 2, 2011 9:20 AM

The winner of the print...
# 2
Christi said...

I'm a follower. is my blog. I can't decide between the Me&You print and the photography print! ;)
March 14, 2011 11:42 AM

Christi and Heather... just email me your info and your mini and print will be headed your way!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

get lucky.

Happy St. Patty's Day...  hope you've got your green on!

Just wanted to send out one last reminder... I have TWO iloveitall giveaways going on right now..  the winners will be announced tomorrow!!
Mini Album Kit Giveaway

Print of your choice Giveaway

So take a few seconds and comment on either or both and GOOD LUCK!